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Love is the key

"... and the greatest of these is love." We all have been given this desire to be loved yet it seems that no one is willing to love. We hear of the stories that end in "happily ever after" but does it really exist? Is it all make believe? Is all the hatred being spewed among each other in the world the standard that has been set? The enemy is constantly spreading lies while the word of God is coming to pass. "... for people shall be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful and proud..." Why are we continually being caught up in the enemy's web of deceit allowing him to cause division between us. We need the power of the Holy Spirit within us to rise up to stop falling for the tricks, plans and schemes of the enemy. Yes, we are all making choices that do not line up with the word of God but with the enemy's devices. Too much dysfunction and not enough unity. We waste time with things that don't matter and the things we should be concerned about get neglected. We have allowed the things of this world take precedence in our lives. Don't be fooled to believe that the enemy is ignorant to the Word of God. He knows that if only two of us come into agreement, God will be in our midst. Hatred is his fuel to keep our backs to God. If we just put our selfish motives to the side for a moment to think of someone other than ourselves, the enemy will lose.

Love is the key.

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