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Who's the Boss of You?

Many of us are so oblivious to the reality of this spiritual war that is in full effect. We are so blinded by the world and paralyzed by the hold that the enemy has placed on us; making us believe that we're in control of our own lives. We are not the boss of us! If we have not surrendered our will to the Holy Spirit of God, we have given free reign to the devil by default. There is no in between. Either we belong to God or we belong to the devil. We are not our own. If we are not intentionally reading and studying the Word of God, purposely aligning our words, thoughts and deeds/actions to the instructions written within, we have subjected everything to the use of the enemy. We get so caught up in our own feelings and emotions that we don't allow the plans that God has for us to come to fruition. We will become just what the enemy wants; a foolish people, chasing after money, fame and material things that don't add any pertinent value to our existence; a people so selfish and intent on having our own needs fulfilled that we don't consider those connected to us; a people without control of our emotions, being easily offended by insignificant talk. God has given us the tools (His Holy Word) to combat the enemy and overcome every situation he could possibly try to entangle us in. We are faced with situations that could easily be avoided if we move outside of ourselves and tap into the spiritual being inside of us that was created in God's image. We can't let the enemy make us believe that we are less than what God says we are. We can't let him make us think that it's too late and we are too far gone to be saved or that we've made too many mistakes to be forgiven. The devil is a liar! Say it with me. The devil is a liar! Believe that! When our thoughts are not lining up with the Word of God, cast them down immediately and look the devil in the eye and tell him "YOU'RE FIRED!" We are the righteousness of God and He has given us the power to win!! I Choose to win!! Let's do this!! #Jesusisthebossofme

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