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No better time than the present!

God will place us in humbling situations to get our attention. There is no use for a proud haughty spirit in the kingdom of God. Our constant struggle to remain in control keeps us on the outskirts of being set free. We will continue repeating cycles of destruction, digging ourselves deeper and deeper into an abyss, all the while believing that we'll make it the next time. It would probably be understandable if we had no knowledge of God and His power. Instead, we allow the enemy to constantly feed us lies to keep us from breaking through. Some of us were on the brink of making a turn around, of coming clean, when the enemy pulled back the reigns of adultery, fornication, lies, gambling, deceit and every other sin he could hold over our head to stop us dead in our tracks. Some of us have even believed the lie that we've gone too far, or gotten in too deep. I'm here to tell you that there is nothing too hard for God. Nothing unforgivable to God. He will never turn His back on us. If you are that one who can still hear the voice of the Father calling in the midst of what you're going through, answer Him today. Since you are reading this today, it is not too late, however, tomorrow is not promised. When you find yourself at the mercy of the Father, turn to Him and repent. He's waiting on you!!

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