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I would die for you!

How many times have we said we would die for our children, or our parents or our spouse? Do you think that we would actually do it if the situation presented itself? Do you think it's easy for us to say it because we believe in our minds that we would make that sacrifice or because we feel it is highly unlikely that we will be put in that predicament? It's the same concept when it comes to saying that we trust God. We know that the word says to trust Him and we believe in our mind that we trust Him. What about with our finances? We have all of these back up plans in place while we are saying "I trust God". It took me being without a job, having my savings account depleted and no consistent financial support coming in, to realize that I really hadn't been trusting God at all. When things got a little rough, I would say the words, but in the back of my mind, I knew that in two weeks I would have another pay check coming in or my spouse would soon be making a deposit. Yes, God does bless us with the jobs and yes He does allow others to bless us, but is our trust in those things or in Him? When the time comes to put your money where your mouth is, will you still say you trust God!

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