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In it to win it!

When we talk about commitment, how many of us truly realize the depth of its meaning? "...the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc..." Dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness and fidelity are just a few more characterizations of the word. Instead of adhering to the true substance of being committed, most of us fiddle around with our own interpretation leaving an open ended clause of escape. With a commitment, there are no loopholes; there is no separation. In our relationship with the Father, it is our loyalty and commitment to Him that carries us through our trials. That dedication drives us when the struggle becomes so real it's almost unbearable. The devotion demonstrates the sincerity and depth of our love. We won't be able to withstand in our marriages, in our relationships, in our endeavors and definitely not in this battle with the enemy if we are not committed to our spouses, our brothers and sisters in Christ or Jesus Christ himself. When we submit to a total commitment to God, we have acknowledged that He is our authority and He is the one who leads, guides and directs us. It is in that total submission to God that all of our other commitments are cultivated. Are you in?

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