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Part with Your Past

Pursuing a renewed life with Christ requires more than just making sure you are doing good things. Although we are expected to leave our past in the past, some aspects of it has to be confronted to remove the influence that it has on our future. Parts of our past are the restraints that keep us from fully committing to God and totally becoming a new creation. We must be willing to allow God to take us through the purging process no matter how painful it may be. The purging, pressing and shaking are necessary steps that will ensure that we are empty, willing vessels that God can use. Furthermore, this is a procedure that will continually need to be performed as we progress in our relationship with Christ. We empty ourselves so He can fill us with His Spirit. It's an intentional, purposeful, deliberate walk and only those who are so, will endure to the end. I Love God! Luv Y'all!

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