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Free Indeed

The things that we become accustomed to having in our lives, that usually add little to no value to our existence are the main things that we try to hold on to when God is trying to elevate us. For the past 3 1/2 years, I have been in the state of being stripped, molded, shaped and purged, all because I made the conscious decision to allow God to do the work. I no longer wanted to be controlled by "things". I came to understand that my worth is not defined by the name of the designer whose clothes I wear. I've learned that my happiness is not contingent upon anyone or anything else. In the stripping process, God showed me that I was carrying too much baggage. I had clothes, shoes and purses in my closet that I didn't even wear or use, so I bagged it all up and took it to the local women's shelter. When my financial situation changed, I had to move from my apartment. God showed me that He will supply all of my needs. A few months ago, I probably would swear that I couldn't live without cable television. God showed me differently. The moment I showed God that I trusted Him was the moment I became naked and free. Free to receive His love for me. Free to be who He created me to be. Free to forgive. Free to love like He does. Unconditionally. I have the joy of the Lord in my heart and I am so grateful for this process. Each day I may meet a challenge but I know I can overcome it. When the enemy tries to devise tricks and schemes, He is already defeated. No more shackles. I'm Free to be Me!

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