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Although many of us wear masks, at the end of the day, we go home and get naked. That's right. We have to face what we don't allow others to see. We feel the pain that we so diligently try to numb. If we're not careful, we could start planning a pity party and possibly fall into a depression, waking up with a woe is me hangover. That's just the place that the enemy wants us to be. He doesn't want us to rise above those things that try to have power over us. He doesn't want us to tap into the power that is within us. No matter what, we must push past the thoughts that try to bring us back to where the Lord has delivered us from. We must take every thought captive and make it obedient unto Christ. We do this by lining our thoughts to the Word of God and anything that is not in agreement with what God has said, then we have the power to cast it out, in the name of Jesus. This journey is one that we must endure to the end. The enemy will not stop, so we must be determined to finish strong. This battle that we are in is not against us but against the God in us. Because we have chosen to follow Christ, the enemy will attack us in a place that he knows we have been vulnerable. Like our marriages, our health, our finances, our jobs, our relationships and so forth. Trusting God goes as deep as knowing that the battle will end if we give up, but continuing to stand against the wiles of the enemy, believing that God will deliver us. This is the kind of faith that pleases God.

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