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Tarey Denise, LLC is more than just an event planning and decorating business. The many facets to our business create value for the community by providing innovative products and services that help people live their lives to the fullest. From designing decor for an event to designing your business flyer or logo, we are passionate about using our skills and resources to make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Together with my team at Tarey Denise, we strive to find creative ways to address social challenges and improve the lives of people in the communities in which we operate. If you are looking for a brand that shares your values, strives for excellence and is committed to making a difference, look no further.


Meet Tarey Denise

Tarey Denise Meeks is a writer, author, event designer & decorator and entrepreneur. As an author, she has published five (5) solo projects and has contributed to three (3) anthologies, two of which are best sellers.

        She is also the founder and President of a non profit organization, The Ronnie L. Meeks Jr. Memorial Foundation, created in memory of her deceased son. Tarey also leads a design and decorating business, that specializes in organizing and designing events from baby showers to weddings, to corporate events. 

       She is currently developing a women's group called "Reigning in Royalty" which focuses on helping believers understand that they are royalty through a relationship with Christ and how to use the word of God and power of Holy Spirit to live the Kingdom lives they were ordained to live.

        Her greatest desire is to please God and to have her life be a living testimony of the goodness of God to those she encounters.

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